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A Matter of Interpretation pt 2

Posted: Sep 19, 2011

On the last blog post we saw that the supposed conflict between science and the Bible is actually a conflict between our interpretation of God’s two modes of revelation: the ‘General Revelation’ of the universe around us, and ‘Special Revelation’ of the Bible.

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A Matter of Interpretation

Posted: Sep 15, 2011

This week we began our new series, ‘Origins’, looking at the first few chapters of Genesis. Inevitably this raises age-old questions of science and the Bible. Is there a conflict and if so how are we to resolve it?

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We Are Not Our Own.

Posted: Jun 09, 2011

In his sermon yesterday, Jonty was speaking about how every part of creation is under God’s rule, how even those in charge of the state are under God’s rule and that there is no such thing as a neutral stance towards God. As part of God’s creation, and especially as His redeemed people, we are not our own. We belong to God, we were created for God, we are sealed by his Spirit and marked as his. As Christians, we were saved for Christ. This idea really challenged me, especially when Jonty went into how this should effect our whole outlook and the way we approach issues in life.

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Summer Term at Christ Church 'Creating and Critiquing'

Posted: May 04, 2011

To compliment our Sunday series ‘Every Square Inch’ we’re beginning a new series on Wednesday evenings, ‘Understanding and Engaging the World’. The link between the two is something like the link between art and art history, creative writing and literary criticism, acting in a play and studying it for A-level.

So on Sundays we are focusing on the Christian’s call to form culture. Jesus claims to be Lord of all, not simply Lord of our spiritual life, or even Lord of the church. Hence we are to commit ‘Every Square Inch’ to his Lordship. We need to be as aware of the danger of secularism as we are the danger of atheism: the two are not the same thing.

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Forward planning

Posted: Mar 22, 2011

I was recently asked how I found studying the bible, as an English graduate. I replied that it was beautiful, because the bible is the ultimate literary work written by the ultimate author: God! God’s Word is so rich in imagery; it has so many layers of meaning; such an exquisite use of language and such an amazing depth to it that you can never grow tired of studying it. Every time you read it, you discover something new or see a new picture that is woven into the text to help us understand the glory of God and his gospel.

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